WBA Committees

Interested in joining a committee? Contact the WBA at info@wbawpa.com –
or the committee co-chairs, listed on the Board contacts page.  We would love to have you join us!


The By-Laws Committee is responsible for maintaining the by-laws of the WBA and for making appropriate recommendations on revisions as needed.

Continuing Legal Education

Accredited CLE Provider

The WBA is an accredited provider of Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education programs. Each year the WBA sponsors or serves as a provider for a variety of CLE programs. We encourage our members to recommend topics and speakers, and we invite all members to participate as course planners and presenters to further develop as leaders in the legal community.

Practical Professionalism

The WBA sponsors CLE programs designed to assist women in their practice. As part of the Practical Professionalism Series, the WBA holds seminars such as those on the practical look at the pratfalls and opportunities of opening your own law practice–“Setting Up Shop”–of raising a family while fulfilling your duties to clients and to the demands of high standards of professionalism–“Mother at Law,”and in furthering your legal career as a partner–“Breaking Through the Glass Door to Senior Partnership As part of the WBA’s main mission to provide opportunities for women in the legal profession, the WBA holds programs as part of its Approaching the Bench series designed to give practical information about the judicial appointment and election process to those who are considering the possibility of becoming a judge and for those who are interested in helping women with judicial aspirations.

 Programs When You Can Attend

Because we know that our members are balancing many responsibilities, many of our CLE programs are scheduled at convenient times, such as during lunch or early evening.

Assistance for Those Facing Financial Hardship

The WBA is dedicated to providing affordable CLE programs. We understand that sometimes even our low cost is difficult for those facing financial hardship. If you would like to attend a program for CLE credit, but are unable to pay the fee, please contact our Executive Director at (412) 429-1922 for a confidential application to attend at a further reduced cost.

Weather and other Cancellation Policy

In the event of a weather related cancellation by the WBA, a message will be placed on the WBA voicemail line at (412) 429-1922. If you need to cancel your pre-registration for a CLE, please contact the WBA. In order to receive a refund for cancellation of your registration (less a $25 administrative fee), you must notify the WBA by email at mpierson@zoominternet.net or by phone to (412) 429-1922 no later than 2 working days prior to the course presentation date. If you do not give 2 working days notice of your cancellation of registration, you may receive the course materials in full consideration of tuition paid. Due to the nature of certain CLE programs, the policy may differ. If the policy differs for a particular CLE such as a theatre outing CLE requiring pre-purchased theatre tickets, it will be included on the registration.


The Finance Committee is responsible for fundraising activities to ensure the economic viability and growth of the organization.


The Judiciary Committee is responsible for encouraging the appointment of women to the judicial office and educating women on the process of becoming a judge.  The committee sponsors an annual Judicial Reception for Judges and members of the WBA.  It also is responsible for presenting programs in conjunction with the CLE Committee designed to guide women who aspire to the Bench, such as “Roadmap to the Bench” and “Approaching the Bench.”  It monitors openings on the federal and state bench and communicates the desirability of filling judicial vacancies with qualified women attorneys.  It also coordinates with the Minority Affairs and Law and Education Committees on the “Color of Justice” Program aimed at inspiring minority female high school students to consider a career in the law and the judiciary.

Law and Education

The Law and Education Committee encourages members and local judges and practitioners to engage with recent graduates, law students and high school students interested in learning about the law and various practices. The Committee accomplishes this through the coordination of programs geared towards these audiences. The Committee plans three main programs throughout the year. The Surviving the Bar Reception is held annually to encourage newly graduated law students on their efforts to join the bar. The Mentor Program is designed to match recent graduates and law students with experience practitioners. The Color of Justice Program is designed to provide high school students with an introduction to the practice of law and encouragement to pursue a legal career. Attorneys and judges volunteer for this rewarding and inspiring event.

The Law and Education Committee invites you to participate in the 2019 Mentor Program.  WBA Mentors would be asked to provide advice to law students and recent graduates about their particular practice area and/or to assist them in making contacts in the field.   These forms should be returned to Maria Comas as indicated on the bottom of the form.  The completed forms will be made available to students and recent graduates at the University of Pittsburgh school of Law and the Duquesne University School of Law.  If you have any questions about this program or would like to volunteer, please contact the WBA or Maria Comas at comas@duq.edu or Cyndi Caldwell at cyndi.caldwell44@gmail.com.


The Membership Committee is primarily responsible for recruiting new members and increasing the involvement of current members, which it accomplishes by organizing programs and events to serve its members and to attract new members. Programs implemented and held regularly by the Membership Committee include the WBA speed networking event held at law firms and the law schools; happy hours to celebrate surviving the bar exam and to greet attorneys new to our legal community. The Membership Committee was successful in recommending the creation of two law student liaison positions on the Executive Committee to foster open communication with law students from Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh and in recruiting law students to fill these positions each year. Through the WBA’s monthly electronic newsletter, the WBAlert, members and potential members are kept informed of activities and events.

If you would like more information about the committee or would simply like to get involved please contact us at membership@wbawpa.com.

Minority Affairs

Minority Affairs is responsible for identifying issues of concern to minority women lawyers and developing mechanisms and programs for addressing those issues. It also coordinates with the Judiciary and Law and Education Committees on the “Color of Justice” Program aimed at inspiring minority female high school students to consider a career in law and the judiciary.

Public Relations

Public Relations is responsible for coordinating publicity for the WBA and WBA events. It is also responsible for developing relationship with the media to foster the positive image of women lawyers in order to fulfill the imperative mission of the WBA.

Special Events

The Special Events Committee is responsible for planning special events, such as the annual Golf Outing, assisting with the Susan B. Anthony Reception and other opportunities and events to network.